Our Products

Golital is an online flower shop. Golital first goal is to make it easier for people in the community to access flowers and plants, and will bring the energy psychological and physiological benefits of flower to Iranian home. The use of flowers and plants in social relationship is a way to create happiness, peace, mental health and good feeling among people.Golital second goal is to share the flower farmers with the lucrative he profits on the flower industry and to sell them directly to their and costumers without intermediaries. This will shorten the path to purchase and increase productivity and reduce waste of resources . Golital next goal is to create a visual space for artists in the flower industry to present their products and creations to end users. The world will be more peaceful and hopeful with flowers.


The ceremony in Iran is very expensive. These costs are further compounded by people not being aware of the exact planning and lake of access to information for business owners in the area of the event.in events such as funerals, these costs can hurt people financially and emotionally due to some tradition. Piardo as a specialized event website has decided to create an information reference and provide useful information to costumers by cultivating and presenting more appropriate and up to date ways to organize the event. Piardo’s second plan is to create a planning system for costumers that can access and plan the best resources, locations and facilities based on their budget, style and demands. Piyadero’s next goal is to introduce the best ceremonial and organizing groups to the audience so that customers can get to know them and have the space to present their capabilities and services to customers.


Miveman is a fruit and vegetable store. Miveman’s goal is to provide customers with quality products at the best prices. This goal is achieved by working with the crops producers, including gardens and farmers.